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  Design Services
Softlog offers end-to-end design services for customers interested in receiving a fully designed,
production-ready product. Leveraging our expertise in hardware and embedded software development,
we provide customers with a complete design solution – from concept to production. Following
an analysis of each customer´s product requirements, Softlog takes responsibility for the design, programming, QA, testing and documentation prior to production.

Softlog has extensive experience in developing technological products to a wide
range of segments such as:

•  Industrial
•  Consumer
•  Medical
•  Communication

Softlog specializes in:

•  Security systems
•  Software and firmware
•  USB devices (from 1.5Mbit/s to 480Mbit/s)
•  Extremely low-power applications
•  Low-cost hardware solutions
•  PC-based final test equipment for mass production.

Design Services

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