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ICP Family GUI Software

Official release 8.35.1a (Jan-2020)

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Software 8.35.1a (Jan-2020) - new features and improvements:

  • Gap Eliminator:
    - added permanent window with Gap Eliminator Summary
    - enabled for selected chip by default
    - it's supported for devices with 0x00 blank memory
  • Added menu item "Transfer Different Environments to ICP2-GANG/ICP2-COMBO"
  • Added preference "MOSI pull-down 2.2K (G3 only)", important for PIC24/dsPIC33 Enhanced ICSP (no external resistor is required)
  • Completely new "Advanced Command Line":
    - primarily for secure programming (SEN file generation, etc.)
    - down compatible with legacy Command Line
  • Secure Programming Utility: added direct SEN transfer
  • SAM C/D/L/R:
    - Number of fuses increased to 64 words, i.e. full User Row is supported
    - Done support for RWW EEPROM (DM)
  • Improved menu "Device - Select by Name": partial string, etc.
  • Clock speed 5MHz is available on G3 programmers
  • Added menu item "Export Configuration (CFG) File"
  • Added temperature measurement of ICP2(G3) microcontroller (Environment view - G3 only and via DLL - see iTemperatureSens)
  • ICP for Windows setup: added Win-10 CP210x USB driver, new directories for PDF files - "Misc Documents", "Release Notes" and "Specifications"

Software 8.35.1a (Jan-2020) - added support for new families:

[Full list: Device list.pdf]
  • STM32L0xx, STM32L1xx, STM32F1xx, STM32F2xx, STM32F4xx, STM32F7xx
  • ATSAMC20/21, ATSAML21/22, ATSAMR34/35
  • AT90PWM216/316
  • ATtiny24/44/84
  • ATtiny25/45/85
  • ATmega80x/160x/320x/480x
  • ATmega16/32/64/128/1281/...
  • ATmega48/88/168/328/...
  • dsPIC33CK, dsPIC33CH, dsPIC33EPxxxGS7xx, dsPIC33EPxxxGS8xx
  • PIC32MZ1025/1064/2025/2064

Software 8.35.1a (Jan-2020) - fixes:

  • PIC18F97J94 family: fixed fuse read from hex files with odd number of data bytes
  • PIC24/dsPIC33 with dual partition - bug fix for verification/read/blank check: voltage is preset correctly before boot check (Note: programming was OK)
  • Improved general HEX file read:
    - records 03 and 05 are supported
    - HEX records till 255 bytes are allowed (old: 64)
  • Solved PIC32MM silicon B2 issue
  • PIC mid-range and low-end devices (PIC10/12/16): unused MSB bits are ignored during verification in order to avoid "false alarm" error
  • ICP2-Portable(G3) doesn't turn off (sleep) if external T_VDD voltage presents


ICP Family GUI Software v8.8.1a ICP Family DLL Software v8.8.1a
ICP Family GUI Software v8.1.1aICP Family DLL Software v8.1.1a
ICP Family GUI Software v4.16.1aICP Family DLL Software v4.16.1a
ICP Family GUI Software v4.13.1aICP Family DLL Software v4.13.1a
ICP Family GUI Software v4.12.1ICP Family DLL Software v4.12.1
ICP Family GUI Software v4.10.1ICP Family DLL Software v4.10.1
ICP Family GUI Software v4.9.2ICP Family DLL Software v4.9.2
ICP Family GUI Software v4.8.2ICP Family DLL Software v4.8.2
ICP Family GUI Software v4.7.3ICP Family DLL Software v4.7.3
ICP Family GUI Software v4.6.4ICP Family DLL Software v4.6.4
ICP Family GUI Software v4.6.3betaICP Family DLL Software v4.6.3beta
ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.9ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.9
ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.8ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.8
ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.7ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.7
ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.6betaICP Family DLL Software v4.5.6beta
ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.4ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.4
ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.3ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.3
ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.2ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.2
ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.1ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.1
ICP Family GUI Software v4.4.1ICP Family DLL Software v4.4.1
ICP Family GUI Software v4.02bICP Family DLL Software v4.02b
ICP Family GUI Software v3.01ICP Family DLL Software v3.01

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