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ICP Family GUI Software:

Latest version 8.1.1a

Pls fill the contact form to get the latest ICP Family GUI Software and ICP Family DLL Software 


  • Important Note: Starting from Sep-2016 Softlog Systems manufactures ICP2(G3), ICP2-GANG(G3) and ICP2-COMBO(G3) programmers additionally to existing ICP2, ICP2-GANG and ICP2-COMBO. Due to nearly full compatibility (mechanical and electrical) all of them are usually referred as ICP2, ICP2-GANG and ICP2-COMBO respectively.

    If difference is applied then they are referred as “G3 products” and “non-G3 products”.


    * ***New***: new programmers ICP2(G3), ICP2-GANG(G3) and ICP2-COMBO(G3):

  • ultra-high programming speed

  • high storage capacity (32MByte)

  • down-compatible with existing ICP2 (non-G3) products excluding PIC17C support

    * Added MPLAB(r) IPE compatible checksums. For compatibility with previous
    software ICP2 existing checksum is not changed and it's referred as
    "ICP2 Legacy Checksum"

    * Added smart check of configuration bits

    * Environment transfer time is reduced by verification process in firmware

    * Added PIC24/dsPIC33 families with dual partition and OTP memory

    * ICP2-GANG and ICP2-COMBO appear as different products in Programmer menu

    * ICP2-COMBO: ICP for Windows allows selection of 6 environments

    * Corrected fuse WDTCPS of 16F161x

    * Added support for PIC32MZ and PIC32MM devices

    Note: requires ***(G3)*** based programmer and PIC32 support (-X)

       PIC32MM0016GPL020    PIC32MM0032GPL020    PIC32MM0064GPL020
       PIC32MM0016GPL028    PIC32MM0032GPL028    PIC32MM0064GPL028
       PIC32MM0016GPL036    PIC32MM0032GPL036    PIC32MM0064GPL036
       PIC32MZ0512EFE064    PIC32MZ0512EFE100    PIC32MZ0512EFE124
       PIC32MZ0512EFE144    PIC32MZ0512EFF064    PIC32MZ0512EFF100
       PIC32MZ0512EFF124    PIC32MZ0512EFF144    PIC32MZ0512EFK064
       PIC32MZ0512EFK100    PIC32MZ0512EFK124    PIC32MZ0512EFK144
       PIC32MZ1024ECG064    PIC32MZ1024ECG100    PIC32MZ1024ECG124
       PIC32MZ1024ECG144    PIC32MZ1024ECH064    PIC32MZ1024ECH100
       PIC32MZ1024ECH124    PIC32MZ1024ECH144    PIC32MZ1024ECM064
       PIC32MZ1024ECM100    PIC32MZ1024ECM124    PIC32MZ1024ECM144
       PIC32MZ1024EFE064    PIC32MZ1024EFE100    PIC32MZ1024EFE124
       PIC32MZ1024EFE144    PIC32MZ1024EFF064    PIC32MZ1024EFF100
       PIC32MZ1024EFF124    PIC32MZ1024EFF144    PIC32MZ1024EFG064
       PIC32MZ1024EFG100    PIC32MZ1024EFG124    PIC32MZ1024EFG144
       PIC32MZ1024EFH064    PIC32MZ1024EFH100    PIC32MZ1024EFH124
       PIC32MZ1024EFH144    PIC32MZ1024EFK064    PIC32MZ1024EFK100
       PIC32MZ1024EFK124    PIC32MZ1024EFK144    PIC32MZ1024EFM064
       PIC32MZ1024EFM100    PIC32MZ1024EFM124    PIC32MZ1024EFM144
       PIC32MZ2048ECG064    PIC32MZ2048ECG100    PIC32MZ2048ECG124
       PIC32MZ2048ECG144    PIC32MZ2048ECH064    PIC32MZ2048ECH100
       PIC32MZ2048ECH124    PIC32MZ2048ECH144    PIC32MZ2048ECM064
       PIC32MZ2048ECM100    PIC32MZ2048ECM124    PIC32MZ2048ECM144
       PIC32MZ2048EFG064    PIC32MZ2048EFG100    PIC32MZ2048EFG124
       PIC32MZ2048EFG144    PIC32MZ2048EFH064    PIC32MZ2048EFH100
       PIC32MZ2048EFH124    PIC32MZ2048EFH144    PIC32MZ2048EFM064
       PIC32MZ2048EFM100    PIC32MZ2048EFM124    PIC32MZ2048EFM144

    * PIC32MX: 2.5MHz and 10MHz are available for use with ICP2(G3)

    * Added new devices:

    24(AA,C,LC)024 24(AA,C,LC)025

       PIC18F24K40    PIC18F25K40    PIC18F26K40    PIC18F27K40
       PIC18F45K40    PIC18F46K40    PIC18F47K40
       PIC18LF24K40    PIC18LF25K40    PIC18LF26K40    PIC18LF27K40
       PIC18LF45K40    PIC18LF46K40    PIC18LF47K40
       PIC18F65K40    PIC18F66K40    PIC18F67K40
       PIC18LF65K40    PIC18LF66K40    PIC18LF67K40
       PIC18F24K42    PIC18F25K42    PIC18LF24K42    PIC18LF25K42
       PIC16F18326    PIC16F18346    PIC16LF18326    PIC16LF18346
       PIC16LF1566    PIC16LF1567
       PIC16LF1554    PIC16LF1559
       PIC16F1773    PIC16F1776    PIC16F1777    PIC16F1778
       PIC16F1779    PIC16LF1773    PIC16LF1776    PIC16LF1777
       PIC16LF1778    PIC16LF1779
       PIC16F15313    PIC16F15323    PIC16F15324    PIC16F15325
       PIC16F15344    PIC16F15345    PIC16F15354    PIC16F15355
       PIC16F15356    PIC16F15375    PIC16F15376    PIC16F15385
       PIC16LF15313    PIC16LF15323    PIC16LF15324    PIC16LF15325
       PIC16LF15344    PIC16LF15345    PIC16LF15354    PIC16LF15355
       PIC16LF15356    PIC16LF15375    PIC16LF15376    PIC16LF15385
       PIC24FJ16MC101    PIC24FJ16MC102    PIC24FJ32MC101    PIC24FJ32MC102
       PIC24FJ64GA702    PIC24FJ128GA702    PIC24FJ256GA702    PIC24FJ64GA704
       PIC24FJ128GA704    PIC24FJ256GA704    PIC24FJ64GA705    PIC24FJ128GA705
       PIC24FJ256GB412    PIC24FJ256GA412    PIC24FJ128GB412
       PIC24FJ128GA412    PIC24FJ64GB412    PIC24FJ64GA412
       PIC24FJ256GB410    PIC24FJ256GA410    PIC24FJ128GB410
       PIC24FJ128GA410    PIC24FJ64GB410    PIC24FJ64GA410
       PIC24FJ256GB406    PIC24FJ256GA406    PIC24FJ128GB406
       PIC24FJ128GA406    PIC24FJ64GB406    PIC24FJ64GA406
       PIC24FJ128GA606    PIC24FJ256GA606    PIC24FJ512GA606
       PIC24FJ1024GA606    PIC24FJ128GA610    PIC24FJ256GA610
       PIC24FJ512GA610    PIC24FJ1024GA610    PIC24FJ128GB606
       PIC24FJ256GB606    PIC24FJ512GB606    PIC24FJ1024GB606
       PIC24FJ128GB610    PIC24FJ256GB610    PIC24FJ512GB610
       dsPIC33EP16GS202    dsPIC33EP32GS20
       dsPIC33EP16GS502    dsPIC33EP32GS505    dsPIC33EP16GS504
       dsPIC33EP32GS506    dsPIC33EP16GS505    dsPIC33EP64GS502
       dsPIC33EP16GS506    dsPIC33EP64GS504    dsPIC33EP32GS502
       dsPIC33EP64GS505    dsPIC33EP32GS504    dsPIC33EP64GS506
       dsPIC33EV32GM002    dsPIC33EV128GM002    dsPIC33EV32GM004
       dsPIC33EV128GM004    dsPIC33EV32GM006    dsPIC33EV128GM006
       dsPIC33EV32GM102    dsPIC33EV128GM102    dsPIC33EV32GM104
       dsPIC33EV128GM104    dsPIC33EV32GM106    dsPIC33EV128GM106
       dsPIC33EV64GM002    dsPIC33EV256GM002    dsPIC33EV64GM004
       dsPIC33EV256GM004    dsPIC33EV64GM006    dsPIC33EV256GM006
       dsPIC33EV64GM102    dsPIC33EV256GM102    dsPIC33EV64GM104
       dsPIC33EV256GM104    dsPIC33EV64GM106    dsPIC33EV256GM106
       PIC32MX130F256B    PIC32MX130F256D    PIC32MX170F256B    PIC32MX170F256D
       PIC32MX230F256B    PIC32MX230F256D    PIC32MX270F256B    PIC32MX270F256D
       PIC16F18313    PIC16F18323    PIC16F18324    PIC16F18325
       PIC16F18344    PIC16F18345    PIC16LF18313    PIC16LF18323
       PIC16LF18324    PIC16LF18325    PIC16LF18344    PIC16LF18345
       PIC16F18854    PIC16F18855    PIC16F18856    PIC16F18857
       PIC16F18875    PIC16F18876    PIC16F18877    PIC16LF18854
       PIC16LF18855    PIC16LF18856    PIC16LF18857    PIC16LF18875
       PIC16LF18876    PIC16LF18877
       PIC16F1764    PIC16F1765    PIC16F1768    PIC16F1769
       PIC16LF1764    PIC16LF1765    PIC16LF1768    PIC16LF1769


ICP Family DLL Software:

Latest version 8.1.1a

Pls fill the contact form to get the latest ICP Family DLL Software

  • Corrected Command Line Utility: "auto01.res" is saved after all errors if

      /g /g1 or /g2 is specified







ICP Family GUI Software


ICP Family GUI Software v4.16.1a     

ICP Family GUI Software v4.13.1a


ICP Family GUI Software v4.12.1


ICP Family GUI Software v4.10.1


ICP Family GUI Software v4.9.2


ICP Family GUI Software v4.8.2


ICP Family GUI Software v4.7.3

ICP Family GUI Software v4.6.4



ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.9


ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.8    


ICP Family GUI Software v4.6.3beta

ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.7



ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.6beta



ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.4



ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.3



ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.2



ICP Family GUI Software v4.5.1



ICP Family GUI Software v4.4.1



ICP Family GUI Software v4.02b



ICP Family GUI Software v3.01     


ICP Family DLL Software

ICP Family DLL Software v4.16.1a

ICP Family DLL Software v4.13.1a

ICP Family DLL Software v4.12.1

ICP Family DLL Software v4.10.1

ICP Family DLL Software v4.9.2

ICP Family DLL Software v4.8.2

ICP Family DLL Software v4.7.3


ICP Family DLL Software v4.6.3beta


ICP Family DLL Software v4.6.4

ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.9



ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.8


ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.7



ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.6beta



ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.4



ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.3



ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.2



ICP Family DLL Software v4.5.1



ICP Family DLL Software v4.4.1



ICP Family DLL Software v4.02b



ICP Family DLL Software v3.01  


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