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     What is a difference between operation in PC-driven and standalone mode?

    PC-driven mode means that all programming parameters and data are set in PC and the PC executes required sequences (programming, verification, blank check, etc.)


    Standalone mode means that all programming parameters and data (“environment”) are saved in programmer’s non-volatile flash memory. 

    Standalone programming can be activated by 2 ways:
    - from PC
    - by GO input on the programmer unit


    NOTE: Simultaneous multi-channel programming can be done in standalone mode only



     What is the minimum voltage for microcontroller programming?

    The minimum programming voltage (Vdd) is defined by Microchip programming specifications. ICP2/ICP2-GANG supports all Vdd range: 2.0-5.5V



     How can I add new devices to be supported?

    We periodically add support for new devices. Please download and install the latest software. After the new software is installed execute firmware upgrade by running “Options/Firmware Upgrade”.


    Pls see ICP Family Supported MCUs document for the latest supported device list.


     Is there difference between ICP2 and ICP2-GANG TARGET signals?
     ICP2 and ICP2-GANG use the same internal programming module called ICP2M-50 (ICP2-GANG has 4 such modules). The small difference between  ICP2 and ICP2-GANG may present due to different layout of the base PCBs.


     Can ICP2 and ICP2-GANG be powered from USB line?

    A) ICP2 can be powered from USB line. ICP2 automatically detects absence of  12V power supply and reduces Vdd maximum current to about 40mA.

    B) ICP2-GANG should be always powered by its 12V power supply.


     What target clock speed is recommended?
     ICP2 family supports clock speed till 10MHz. The higher speeds increase programming for microcontrollers with  flash memory higher than 32K byte. If possible, we recommend to use minimum clock/data speed (“as ICP-01” or “500KHz”) to reduce requirements to programming cable.


     What is the meaning of “as ICP-01” in “Clock Speed” settings?
     ICP-01 is our 1-st  generation programmer. ICP2 family has full ICP-01 compatible mode to support existing users of ICP-01. Clock speed in ICP-01 compatible mode depends on family, pls see below table:

    PIC10/12/16/17   ≈330KHz


    dsPIC   ≈500KHz
    Keeloq   ≈8KHz
    EEPROM (24XXXXX)   ≈100KHz










     Can I power my target from its power supply?

    Yes, you can power your target from its power supply by doing the following:
      - connect target Vdd to ICP2/ICP2-GANG Vdd input/output (pin :1)
      - select “Target” as “Vdd Source” in menu “Options/Voltages”

    ICP2/ICP2-GANG will measure your Vdd voltage and set the same voltage on clock/data lines


     Why do I need programmable delay between Vdd and Vpp?
     TMost of target devices enter programming mode by applying Vdd voltage followed by Vpp. Many target PCBs have big capacitor (100-1000uF and more) on Vdd line which causes Vdd to rise slowly. Programmable Vdd-to-Vpp delay allows to keep correct sequence (Vdd,
    then Vpp).



     I need a brown-out reset circuit connected to MCLR pin of microcontroller.
    How should I connect them to allow in-circuit programming?
     - Validate that your brown-out reset component can withstand 13V on its output
     - Place resistor 1KΩ between output of brown-out reset circuit and MCLR

    For complicated design don’t hesitate to contact us: support@softlog.com


     Do you support serialization for GANG programming?
     Yes, we fully support serialization for simultaneous GANG programming. Load serialization
     file by running “Serialization/Load File” and execute programming. Currently programmed 
     serial numbers are indicated on the progress window.


     How can I run ICP2/ICP2-GANG from my own software?

    ICP2 family has optional feature called “DLL support”. Once DLL support is activated your can run ICP2/ICP2-GANG from the most popular Windows software packages (Visual Basic, Microsoft C++, Borland Builder, National Instruments, etc.)


    The DLL contains set of functions which allow full control of ICP2/ICP2-GANG including advanced security features.



     How can I combine ICP2/ICP2-GANG with my final test machine hardware?

    ICP2 family programming lines can switch to Z-state with weak pull-down resistors.

    Run menu “Options/Clock,Data,MCLR(Advanced)” and select “Released” for “MCLR Idle state” and “Clock/Data Idle State”.


     Why do I need ICP2-GANG (Single Channel) selection?
     ICP2-GANG (Single Channel) allows to run separate channels of ICP2-GANG in PC-driven mode to help debugging your system.



     How should I connect ICP2-GANG boxes to have more than 4 channels?

    Use standard RS-232 cable attached to connect as follows:
    - RS-232 output of box No.1 to RS-232 input of box number 2

    - RS-232 output of box No.2 to RS-232 input of box number 3 and so on.....

    Important: RS-232 cable connected to RS-232 output should be always connected on the other end.


     Why should I use “Assign Address to GANG Box” procedure?

    ICP2-GANG programmer comes with default address 1. If you need more than 4 channels then you have to assign unique address to each ICP2-GANG box.


    Connect a single ICP2-GANG to PC, select correct COM and run "Programmer/Assign Address to GANG Box".

    After assignment is done place sticker  with box address (number) on the programmer.


    Pls read ICP2-GANG Quick Start  document for more information.


     Can I load hex file while starting ICP2 family software?

    Yes, the following command line parameters can used:

    <Hex file> - hex file to be loaded

    /c<Configuration file> - configuration file to be loaded, overwrites local "icp01.cfg"

    /s<Serialization file>  - serialization file to be loaded

    /p - production mode (one-touch operation)

    Example 1 - Load file  "hex1.hex":

    <path to ICP_Win.exe>   hex1.hex

    Example 2 - Start in the production mode and load hex file "hex1.hex" and serialization file "ser1.ser":

    <path to ICP_Win.exe>   /p   hex1.hex   /sser1.ser

    “Start in” property should specify a directory where "hex1.hex" and "ser1.ser" are located.




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