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Softlog Systems Launches ICP2-Portable(G3) Production-Grade In-Circuit Service Programmer
ICP2-Portable(G3) Offers Compact, Cost-Effective Solution for Field Upgrades

August 5, 2018 - Softlog Systems today announced the release of its ICP2-Portable(G3) In-Circuit Service Programmer  - the newest addition to its ICP G3 family of high-speed, production-grade programmers for Microchip microcontrollers and memory devices.

ICP2-Portable(G3) hardware supports popular programming interfaces: ICSP™, UPDI, JTAG, SWD, SPI, QSPI, etc.

A member of the ICP G3 family of high-speed, production-grade in-circuit programmers, ICP2-Portable(G3) is specially designed to meet your service programming needs. This compact, battery-powered device supports up to six different programming environments, making it an ideal, low-cost solution for field upgrades.

"We are pleased to announce the availability of the ICP2-Portable(G3) programmer, which combines fast production-grade programming with a special feature set catered to the unique needs of the service programming market," stated Ariel Cohen, CEO at Softlog.

For additional product details, click here.

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