Softlog Systems Unveils Breakthrough Secure Programming Technology

Robust, Multi-Layer Security Software Protects Intellectual Property
August 9, 2010 – Softlog Systems today introduced its breakthrough Secure Programming technology, which offers customers robust, multi-layer protection for their intellectual property during the manufacturing process. Secure Programming is now available as an optional feature for Softlog´s entire ICP line of high-speed, production-grade in-circuit programmers.
Secure Programming is based on a separation of “admin” and “user” functions to ensure that security-sensitive functions (e.g., setting ID and password) can be performed only by the software owner. Moreover, Secure Programming features multiple layers of IP protection, including strong hex file encryption, an anti-spoofing counter that ensures the number of programmed devices does not exceed a pre-defined value, and a secure buffer of “invisible” hex data stored in ICP2 protected memory.
“Hex files contain business-critical intellectual property that could be compromised during the contract manufacturing process,” said Ariel Cohen, VP Sales and Marketing at Softlog. “Our Secure Programming feature utilizes innovative technology to dramatically reduce the risk of unauthorized reconstruction of hex data.”
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