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ICP2COMBO- Production Quality
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Not Recommended for new designs
Please consider this programmer ICP2-COMBO(G3).
See differences between ICP2(G3) and ICP2 families.

Product Overview:
Secure Programming

ICP2-COMBO is the top high-volume model in our line of high-speed, production-grade in-circuit programmers for Microchip microcontrollers. Incorporating twelve independent channels and expandable to up to 60 channels in a daisy chain configuration, ICP2-COMBO is ideal for non-stop, mass production operations. Using our breakthrough Secure Programming technology, ICP2-COMBO ensures the highest level of protection for your intellectual property during the manufacturing process.


Secure Programming

Utilizing patent-pending technology, this optional software feature provides several layers of protection that dramatically reduce the risk of unauthorized reconstruction of hex files. These include strong hex file encryption, a counter that ensures the number of programmed devices does not exceed a pre-defined value, and a secure buffer of “invisible” hex data stored in ICP2-COMBO protected memory.

Flexible and expandable up to 60 channels:




Reflecting our focus and expertise in working with Microchip, ICP2-COMBO is specifically designed for full compatibility with all Microchip microcontrollers and peripheral components.

ATE Compatible

Final test machine (FTM) functions in DLL allow the ICP2-COMBO software to easily integrate with test equipment, working in either standalone mode or driven by a host system. Adaptable to bed-of-nails and other types of ATEs, ICP2-COMBO helps you preserve your investment in test equipment. 

24x7 Support

We understand the importance of zero downtime on your assembly line. Softlog’s technical support engineers are available round-the-clock to provide you with immediate solutions to operational and maintenance issues which may arise.




High-Speed, Scalable Programming Device
  • Designed for in-circuit (ICSP™) programming of 
    8-bit PIC® MCUs, 
    16-bit PIC® MCUs & dsPIC® DSC(optional), 
    32-bit PIC® MCUs (optional), 
    Keeloq® encoders (optional) and serial EEPROMs
  • Ultra fast programming of up to 60 channels simultaneously
  • Built-in opto-relay barrier for target lines
  • Galvanic isolation of control and communication lines
  • Multiple devices can be connected in transparent daisy chain configuration
  • LAN, USB and RS-232 communication interfaces
  • On-board 4MB flash memory per channel for non-volatile storage of HEX, configuration and serialization files
  • Multiple serialization schemes: 
       Sequential, random, pseudo-random and user file 
       1 to 8 bytes, automatic “retlw”
  • Tests Vdd and Vpp for overload with indication by software
  • Dimensions: 215 x 118 x 90mm  
Programmable Hardware
  • Wired remote programming and environment switch: Go/Pass/Fail/Env
  • Programmable Vdd (2.0 to 5.5V) and Vpp (2.0 to 13.5V)
  • Programmable delay between Vdd and Vpp (0.1 to 250ms)
  • Programmable clock/data speed (500KHz to 10MHz)
  • Programmable Vdd source (ICP2-COMBO or target)
  • Vdd current limit: 250mA
  • Prevents damage to connected microcontroller in case of power ON and power OFF
     Easy-to-Use Software
  • Windows® DLL/Command line functions for automatic programming (optional)
  • Secure programming feature including hex file encryption, counter and secure buffer (optional) 

      Host System Requirements

  • Windows®-95/98/2000/ME/XP/NT/Vista/7/8
  • USB or RS-232 port or LAN


ICP2-COMBO Up to 60 true parallel channels

Fast high-volume programming

Easy ATE integration

Built-in opto-relay barrier for target lines

Galvanic isolation of control lines

Innovative, multi-layer IP protection (optional)
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